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Manage loss prevention and associate staffing based on peak traffic hours to help ensure adequate coverage in high traffic, high risk areas within the store. When Traffic Intelligence is linked to Loss Prevention data, retailers can reduce false alarms by screening out alarms on inbound vs. outbound traffic, as well as intercept "booster" and "jammer" devices as they enter the store.

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Tyco's Traffic Intelligence reports range from integrated quick response dashboards to in-depth analysis for long-range planning. Enclosed are some examples of the more common reports.

Standard Reports
Traffic summary

Traffic by:
- Store      - Week
- Hour      - Zone
- Day      - Zone per hour
Traffic distribution by:
- Store
- Division

Sales Conversion Reports

- By Store
- By Store per hour
- By Division
- By Division per hour

Traffic Exception Reports

- Traffic count exception
- Sales conversion exception
- Shopper-to-associate exception

Device and Diagnostic Reports

- Device list
- Diagnostics summary
- Diagnostics summary by device
- Diagnostics summary by device by day
- Traffic accuracy by store

TrueVUE Traffic Reporting & Device Health Monitoring
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Traffic Intelligence Solutions


Sensors used in Traffic Intelligence solutions convert optical inputs into data streams that reflect the presence of shoppers.
Tyco offer sensors in the following categories:

Traffic Sensor
Accuracy Range Special
Beam Break integrated
or wall-mount

Up to 14ft
          Effective low cost option and is visually hidden when integrated within EAS system
Overhead Mono
Up to 16.7ft
          Ceiling mounted option helps eliminate tampering and provides image processing of the entire scene
Overhead Stereo
Up to 20ft
Advanced solution handles depth perception making it ideal for high traffic stores with variable conditions
Multiple Deployment Options

Retailers can have the choice where analysis should be done:

  • In-store, which supports tight integratio with other systems and immediate response to traffic events
  • Corporate, supporting delivery of accurate data for incorporation into retailers' custom reporting platforms
  • Hosted, providing turn-key traffic knowledge without the requirement for in-store or corporate analysts
Tyco's Unique Advantage

  • Multi-Sensor Portfolio: from embedded to overhead monocular and stereo devices.
  • Multiple Deployment Options: store only, corporate or hosted deployment options
  • Unique EAS Integration and Enhancement: direction-based alarm suppression, alarm reporting and power management
  • Enterprise Health and Device Management: remote configuration and device management
  • Professional Services: project management, solution architecture design, equipment optimization and comprehensive in-store training

"With our new traffic intelligence solution, we are able to obtain the most essential traffic count data for conducting valuable analysis such as conversion rate, effectiveness of marketing campaigns and even act as a solid support for rent negotiation with our landlords."
Raymond Tong, Associate IT Director, Belle Worldwide Limited