Pedestals Systems

Available in a wide range of designs to suit detection coverage for exits of any width, store aesthetics and regulatory requirements. Our pedestal systems feature the high performance levels you expect from Tyco.

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Synergy Antenna from Sensormatic

The Sensormatic Synergy 2.5 Pedestal combines the power of AM and RFID technology to enable comprehensive store performance. Its thin, narrow, open-frame design is constructed of high-impact ABS, preserving aesthetics and delivering the right look for virtually any retail setting.

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Ultra 1.8m Acrylic Antenna

The Ultra 1.8m Acrylic Pedestal combines simplicity with reliable performance to deliver an affordable, attractive anti-shoplifting solution. Constructed from high-grade, durable acrylic, this pedestal provides a transparent, sophisticated look at store entrances.

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AMS-1150 Detection System

Acrylic maintains a straight edge form, providing a transparent look when viewed from any angle. Does not require side supports as found in many other pedestal systems.

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AMS-1014 Ultra•Post 6 Dual Detection System

Shoplifting remains to be the number one source of retail shrink worldwide. Retailers continue to search for solutions to help them reduce shoplifting and shrink, while protecting their bottom line. The Sensormatic Ultra•Post 6 delivers up to1.8m (6ft) detection coverage between pedestals, to help protect critical assets --- employees, shoppers and merchandise -- while reducing shrink, and theft.

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Ultra•Exit 2.4m Detection System

The Ultra•Exit 2.4m system offers the highest level of theft deterrence, while preserving store aesthetics and maximizing customer flow.

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Digital Door-Max™

The Sensormatic Digital Door-Max system delivers world-renown Ultra•Max® anti-shoplifting protection to your door. The attractive, slender antennas cover exits up to 6.2 ft. (1.9 m) wide. You get superb detection performance, easy operation, and peace of mind for your inventory investment.

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