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September 2014

Further Insights on Shrink Measurement

July 2014

A Multi - Sensory Solution to Loss Prevention

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September 2014

Shrinkage is still a pressing issue for retailers today with the challenges of having to grapple with an exceptional increase in the numbers of consumers, more sophisticated criminal gangs stealing to resell, and an increase in gang assisted and opportunistic employee theft with more desirable and sophisticated goods on the shelves...

July 2014

With the advent of Omni-Channel retailing, retailers are focusing more on adopting appropriate strategies to provide their customers with the perfect shopper experience. The retail store is a multifaceted environement where the interaction between employees, customers and technology translates into real time data gathered from an array of sensors...

May 2014

The retail industry is experiencing US $800 billion globally of inventory distortion per year, and more than 50% is from out-of-stock. Ramesh Jayaraman, Vice President, Asia pacific, Tyco Retail Solutions, outlines the problems and shares his opinions on solutions in a Q&A with Retail in Asia....

March 2014

The use of RFID technology to improve inventory visibility and provide enhanced customer satisfaction is gaining traction in the retail industry. RFID as a technology has been around for many years, but of late there is a resurgence of interest and substantial growth in the use of RFID in retail which is also supported in the recent chainlink research: Use cases Driving the Current Surge in RFID Adoption...

January 2014

Open display merchandising is a crucial determinant behind how well a shopper engages with a brand. However, retailers who chose to embark on such strategy face increased risk from shrink arising from shoplifters and organized retail crime syndicates, due to the way merchandise is display for easy access by shoppers.

November 2013

Differentiation from the competition is the one common denominator successful retailers share regardless of product or service sold. This elusive, coveted factor can take many forms, be it price, product quality, store decor, targeted consumer audience and the business model itself.

October 2013

As the year-end holiday season approaches, retailers are faced with joy at the prospect of higher sales figures but also headwinds on the loss prevention front, as higher losses invariably accompany a spike in shopper traffic and goods sold. Of major concern to retailers would be the threat of organized retail crime, as such thefts register a much higher amount of loss compared to "regular" thefts.

September 2013

The modern, technology-savvy shopper transcends several mediums during the purchase experience, namely mobile, online and physical platforms. This trend poses several challenges for retailers, who need to contemplate these new methods of consumer interaction in their bid to stay competitive. Retailers can, however, utilize real-time data gained from the various platforms to their advantage.

Feb 2013

The emergence of e-commerce has led to a growing online retail scene and physical retailers have found themselves hard pressed to maintain competitiveness. Last month, we examined how Traffic Intelligence can be adopted by physical stores to understand shopper behavior, consumer conversion rates and enhance customer service. This month, Ramesh Jayaraman, VP, APAC for Tyco Retail Solutions, shares how Source Tagging solution can help increase savings and inject greater operating efficiency into the business.