Label Deactivators

Ergonomic and easy to use, our deactivators are designed to help retailers maximize cashier efficiency for faster checkout lane throughput. Our innovative detect and deactivate intelligent software enhances productivity while integrated solutions to meet every dimension of a retailers check-out self service environments and match bi-planer scanning speeds. These errors are the main reason for false alarms that can both cause customer embarrassment and disrupt checkouts while store personnel intervene.

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Deactivators & Labels

Integrated Deactivators

Scan, deactivate and bag. Invisible to the customer, effortless to the cashier. Our integrated deactivators provide seamless scanning and deactivation compatible with the leading bi-optic scanning systems. Also, these units can be integrated into a variety of self-checkout units and provide high performance deactivation performance while maintaining high throughput during the checkout process.

Counter-Ready Deactivators

Tyco offers a comprehensive line of deactivators that provide reliable deactivation while accommodating a variety of point-of-sale (POS) environments. Ergonomic and easy to use, they are available in different models depending on cost and throughout speed.

Sensormatic AMB-1200 Deactivation System

The Sensormatic AMB-1200 Deactivation System helps cashiers deactivate items efficiently, delivering a consistent positive shopping experience. Download Brochure

EAS Labels

Designed to provide the highest level of anti- shoplifting protection in the smallest size possible.
EAS labels are available in sheet or roll formats for either manual or automatic, high-speed application and source tagging. Tyco also offers specialty label products for markets such as food & drug, health & beauty, and others.

Ultra•Strip® III

The Ultra•Strip® III label is compatible with all Ultra•Max® detection and deactivation devices and all Ultra•Strip III label formats provide the highest label detection and deactivation performance. Ultra•Strip III labels are available in white, barcode, or black, and in sheets for manual application and roll formats for automatic, high-speed application. Download Brochure